BuildAPrep Preparedness Outfitters

For When It Hits The Fan

In 2017 we will be relaunching our YouTube Channel to focus on fishing. 

Dave, the founder and manager of BuildAPrep is a lifelong angler who has fished in 6 countries and 20 states over the last 17 years. Recently he has rediscovered his competitive side and will be hosting a YouTube based fishing show that will air several times a week. Some shows will focus on gear reviews, techniques, "how to" videos and more, but the main attraction is the Fish'n with Dave series. 

The Fish'n with Dave series is an on the water adventure for the casual angler that airs twice weekly.  

Follow Dave as he seeks out the numerous freshwater and saltwater species that North America has to offer. 

 Episodes will feature topics such as:

-Soft platics for bass

-Kayak fishing in lakes and ponds

-Live bait for big predators

-Trolling for Salmon

-Trout on the fly

-Breaking State Records

-Conservation and politics


  • Bluegill. 2lbs 4oz. Record hasn't been broken since 1996
  • Kokanee. 2lbs 14oz. Record hasn't been broken since 2011
  • Pumpkinseed. 1lb 3oz. Record hasn't been broken since 1973
  • Yellow Perch. 2lbs 13oz. Record hasn't been broken since 1973