BuildAPrep Preparedness Outfitters

For When It Hits The Fan

We regularly study and document severe weather in the field to obtain as much  knowledge as possible based on actual experience. Our knowledge is then used to help you be better prepared. To my knowledge, I am the most active SKYWARN member and storm chaser in the area and have logged over 25,000 miles of travel and 80 hours of footage since 2014.


BuildAPrep is actively looking for fellow storm chasers interested in joining the team. We are training and preparing for the next hurricane that impacts the Tri-State area to film it in its entirety. We will be in the field, in harms way for a minimum of 4 days to film a hurricane from start to finish as well as the damage caused by it.



-Video Journalism/Film Making.

For more information, please contact us on our Facebook page,

Chase Vehicle Info

Our Chase vehicle is a 2014 Kia Sorento and is also our main business vehicle and is used for disaster response, trade shows and other events. 

It offers great fuel economy, handling, speed, comfort and safety which makes it well suited for chasing storms as well as exploring the great outdoors. The drivetrain is stock and will remain unmodified.  The vehicle is outfitted with top of the line equipment  and accessories such as:

 LED lighting on the front and roof

 Rain-X wiper blades

 Firestone Tires (either Winterforce or Destination)

 Tram NMO antenna mounts

 Diamond dual band antenna

 MP Antennas Super-M Classic antenna

 Laird Technologies 2 Meter antenna

 Radioshack CB 1/2 Wave antenna

 Uniden Pro 505XL CB radio

 Uniden BC355N scanner

 Radioshack Pro-651 Digital scanner

 Icom IC-2300H 2 Meter Transciever

 Ion Airpro 2 action camera

 Midland XTC HD action cameras

 JVC Everio video camera

 Nikon Coolpix camera

 Pilot remote spot light (not always installed)

 Radioshack switches, wiring and components

 Weathertech Floor mats (soon to be installed)


Safety and Emergency Gear on board:

 20" Traffic Cones

 Orion Road Flares (15 and 30 minute flares)

 Kiddie fire extinguishers 

 First Responder medical kit

 MSA reflective vests

 3M Hard Hat

 Amber traffic control light bar

 Slime tire repair kit

 Slime 12v air compressor

 CERT Kit (the BuildAPrep Tactical adaptation)

 Gerber seat belt cutter

 Zak Tool Window Punch

 And more..